Shady Lane 35 years on

Almost 600 people flocked to the Holyhead Festival to experience the Shady Lane sound. The audience gasped as the lights dimmed and the powerful introduction music started complete with flashing lights and explosions. Despite the fact that 35 years had passed since the band first formed and almost 5 years since they last performed together as a band none of the old magic had gone.If anything, with the new technology available they sounded better than ever as they rolled back the years reviving some of the great songs of the 60’s with the course of selection of their specialty fours seasons repertoire. The Shady Lane show which lasted an hour and a half had taken over six months to put together and despite all the hard work the band all agreed that it had been well worth the effort and thanked the fans for their wonderful support over the years. The night of nostalgia was complemented with special guest singer Mo (Maureen Ross) of Mo and the mystics