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Please note – If you change your e-mail address or no longer with it to be listed here please e-mail me! sbreeze95@aol.com

AFXAB@aol.com – Avril, whose parents lived in Holyhead and have since moved to London.
ahoworth@primus.com.au – Angela Howorth who left Holyhead with her family in 1974, and now lives in Melbourne, Australia. Also her father who is a Holyhead boy at heart and would love to hear from anyone in Holyhead. His E-mail address is howieparry@optusnet.com.au
ajrennie@austarnet.com.au – Judith and Alex Rennie, who moved to Australia 21 years ago from Holyhead. Alex worked at Anglesey Aluminium Metal Ltd.
Alan.Wilson9@btinternet.com – Alan Wilson left Holyhead in 1979. He went to County School in 1962-1967. He now lives in Llanfairpwll.
patandallan30@btinternet.com– Allan Rowlands Cybi and County Schools to 1966, and was a member of the school rugby team under Mr. Islwyn Parry. He now lives in Barnet, Herts.
awalanwilliams@gmail.com – Alan Williams in Koje, South Korea, formerly of Holyhead.
ambermare1@aapt.net.au – Beverly (now Taylor). formerly from Holyhead. left around 1960 and now lives in Western Australia. Parents owned the South Stack Hotel . Beverley worked at Trinity House . Her family dates back over 500 years in Holyhead. Her Grandfather was know as Gwilym Felin Ddwr, he was also on the Carpathia on the Titanic’s fateful night.
ambermare@westnet.com.au – Beverly Taylor wife of the late Roy Thomas Fiander (Trinity House) and daughter of late Beatrice Parry (South Stack Hotel) and granddaughter of Gwilym Felin Ddwr. She now lives in Australia.
amcsipek@smartchat.net.au – Mona Csipek, (nee Williams) Lived in 7, Station Street, Holyhead, Born there in 1932, Left Holyhead in 1958, living for a while in Middlesex, UK, then moving to Melbourne, Australia in 1959. I worked for a while at The County Hotel, when it was owned by Mr Brooksbank. I attended Cybi School, one of my teachers being “Miss Ferand” Mrs Jack-Jones, the other teacher whom I loved, and no doubt she is long gone.
andrewdeevey@cableinet.co.uk – Andrew Deevy formerly of Holyhead. He attended Holyhead County School 1980-1983 and now lives in London.
andybabs@blueyonder.co.uk – Andy Berry moved to Holyhead to join the Police Force in 1961. He never forgot the day he arrived at Holyhead having never been to the town previously. It was in the middle of winter with snow falling and the wind howling off the Irish sea. He wondered what he had let himself in for. Thankfully things quickly changed when he got to know his new colleagues and the local people whom he found to be kind and considerate. His stay at Holyhead was only for a couple of years but during this time did leave him with some very fond memories. He stayed in Alderley Terrace with Catherine & Dennis who was the manager of the Mace shop in the main street. (Catherine’s parents were caretakers of the County school) They now live at Waenfawr, Holyhead. He is in touch locally with an Emyr Jones who was a Sgt at Holyhead Police Station. He also lived in Alderley Terrace. Would love to contact Oscar Evans with whom he has lost touch.
andyfife1999@yahoo.com – Andy Fife is currently working in Saudi Arabia. He come home 3 times a year, but if any of his old friends would like to contact him they can reach him at the above address and also at andyfife@awalnet.net.sa
andyryder@experienceuk.com – Andy Ryder left Holyhead 18 years ago to live in Austria … travelled a lot in Africa and South America then lived in Spain for 6 years but came back to Anglesey to in Llaneilian near Amlwch
ANEURINROBERTS@bigpond.com – Aneurin Roberts formerly of Holyhead now living in Perth, Western Australia.
Angela Norwood used to live in Trearddur Bay, now living in Sheffield
angela@peveringham.com.au – John Rushe originally from Holyhead, now living in Brisbane, Australia.
Anglesey53@aol.com – Kingsland in 1953. Attended Kingsland Primary School and then County School in Holyhead. Worked at Anglesey Aluminium in the Production Dept before leaving to train as a nurse in London, now living in Pennsylvania, USA since 1992. Would love to hear from anybody that remembers her.
anitaowens@btinternet.com – Anita (nee Jones) went to County School . She has a brother Billy and three sisters .. Hefina, Avril and Audrey whom still live in Holyhead.
anlizrob@albnet.net – Anne Roberts lived in Bryngolau Avenue from 1953 till moving to Barry in late 1963. She went to Park Street Primary School then County School from September 1962. Her father Geoffrey was in Customs and Excise. Anne now lives and works in Albania but based in Mid Wales on visits “home”.
ann.bridger@ntlworld.com – Ann (formerly Crawford) was born in Holyhead in 1957 to Gwyneth (nee Jones from Caernarvon) & Charles Crawford (RAF Valley). Lived in Maeshyfryd Rod, attended Thomas Ellis School then Holyhead County School, left in 1968 with parents and sister Dawn to live in Cambridgeshire.
annadelphine@hotmail.com – Delphine Chapple went to Holyhead County school 1966-67. She is married to Robert Morris. They now live in Sussex, and says “Hi to anyone who Knew us. We were in 2D & 3D forms. They can also be contacted at R.Morris2@btinternet.com
annserff@fastmail.fm – Ann Serff wrties :- My two brothers, Norman and Les and myself first went to the convent in Holyhead during the last years of WW2…and I returned in 1953. We would like to make contact with anyone who was at school in those years,but also, anyone who attended school there at any time, as I believe there will be an anniversary celebration in 2007. In particular I remember Kathleen Demel, Gill Ninian, Jeanne Fish, Rosamund Morland, Shelagh Burke, Truda Colgan and many others…very fondly.
Antwen1@aol.com – Wendy Jones attended County school in 1986-1991. She is married with 4 children BlakeGgrace,Clark and Keane. Her husband Anthony (better known to his old school and navy mates as Jonah or Ski) is a fire fighter at Holyhead station, they’d d love to hear from anyone who may remembers them.
ArchRona@aol.com – Ronald Scarrat (OWENS family) lived Vulcan Street in the early fifties/mid fifties attended Cybi school. Lliving Northamptonshire since mid fifties returned Holyhead 64/65 for two years.
argus_uk@yahoo.co.uk – Gavin Williams, now living near Stafford, lived in Holyhead 1964-1968 and attended Holyhead County School.
arthur.gibs@btinternet.com – Arthur lived in Holyhead for four years until recently. Now back in Crewe. He enjoyed his time in Holyhead and misses it.
BRIAN.JONES@railcorp.nsw.gov.au My father was born in Holyhead one of thirteen children his name was gilbert jones his sibling were Annie and his twin brother was Glyn who was mentally challenged he got ran down by a car sometime in the past I do not know the names of the rest of his family and thought this may be a way of getting information from people who are related or knew my dad . I went to Holyhead as a kid in 1959 on holidays and stayed with my auntie Annie and her husband Sam who did quite abit of poaching in the area as he had lost three toes on the Railway. the address we stayed at was 10 Twn Pwyll Road which was my aunties house Ibelieve there are alot of dads relatives in Holyhead .my dad died in Cardiff South Wales in 1995 and i want to find out more of his family or friends on his death certificate it says he was a golf caddie prior to him joining the Royal Navy with his discharge in1958 where he finished his service at Devonport . Any information no matter how insignificant it may be would be greatly appreciated as I know nothing at all only that he joined the navy when he was eighteen and served for 23years and became a chief petty Officer and served on a large variety of destroyers HMS Comet HMS Achilles and many more
Brian Jones 18 9-13 Burranneer Bay Road
Cronulla 2230 NSW Australia email
bertorelli@telus.net – Paul Bertorelli, who left Holyhead in 1972 and now lives on Vancouver Island, Canada
beryl.condra@ntlworld.com – formely Beryl Wright (sister Audrey). Now living in Sunderland. Three children ……. Beverley, Marc and Rachelle and 9 grandchildren!
beth@wdavies1.freeserve.co.uk – Beth formerly of Holyhead now living in Canary Wharf in London
billmoore_rhos@yahoo.co.uk – Williams Moore from Rhosneigr, who attended County school. Now in Siberia.
billy_10_8_70@hotmail.com – Billy Galbraith who lived in Holyhead for 30 years and now lives in the USAs in Hampton Virginia
bkhemsley@optusnet.com.au – Karl Hemsley was born in Holyhead in 1971. He is the son of Kenneth Hemsley and live in Sydney.
blodwyn01@btinternet.com – Stephanie Jones (born 1977) originally from Holyhead until aged 19. Grew up in Cae Braenar, Morawelon. Attended Llanfawr, and then moved to Walthew Avenue to go to County Secondary School, Now lives in Folkestone Kent but returns to visit friends.Would love to hear from anyone who remembers her!!
BowmansX5@aol.com – Margaret (Peggy) Woodpark who lived at 12 Maes Cybi 1936-1950 and a regular player in the Mrs. Charles Hughes Players in Holyhead.
BritTiger22@aol.com – Ernest Barrow (formerly of Walthew Avenue, Holyhead ). Served in the Merchant Navy for several years before moving to Virginia, USA. Still has family, and many friends in Holyhead.
brucemilton@tiscali.co.uk- Margaret Ann Bruce (nee Wright) who now lives in Caithness. She was at Park School until 1958 and County School to 1968.
Carole Kinsey caergybi@me.com
Last weekend we had a mini reunion in my house of two school friends who live an hour in opposite directions from me. We’ve kept in touch & this sure site was mentioned. There are some names on it that I remember but there may be others who might see it. We all left Holyhead for jobs & university in the early 60’s but I have many relatives in St Seiriols churchyard & the town cemetery! My family were in Holyhead for at least 200 years & before that in Anglesey. One of my ancestors was a diver building the breakwater. My grandparents worked in the Station Hotel & my father on the boats as a steward & purser for many years. Our lunch party prompted me to contribute. Thank you for doing this website!

Pob hwyl,


burnall.ian@ntlworld.com – Ian Burnall lived in Holyhead from 1966 to 1984. He now lives in Northants.
C9902159@newi.ac.uk – Steven Jones formerly of Holyhead
Caergybinz@yahoo.co.nz – Ann Lacan-Jones who attended County Shcool until 1976 now living in Auckland New Zealand, where she is a PE teacher.
cammier@yahoo.com – John originally from Holyhead now living in Cheltenham.
CARIAD@techheadnet.com – Roy Humphries formerly of Holyhead, now living in Wisconsin USA. Roy was an apprentice in the Marine Yard from 1954-1958.
carl.taylor87@ntlworld.com– Carl Taylor,Left Holyhead 1980 and live in Cardiff,I went back to Holyhead recently and it was nice to see the family and have a few drinks with my old friends,I would love to hear from my friends.
Caronhutt@aol.com – Caron Hutton (nee Wilson) from London Road, Holyhead, sister of Ian who resides in Holyhead. She wen to Holyhead County School until 1980, and now lives in California USA.
cbairdkrul@shaw.ca – Carol Baird-Krul formerly of Holyhead who now lives on Vancouver Island on Canada’s west coast. Her parents owned Baird & Davies Electrical shop in Holyhead until they emigrated to Canada in 1954.
chantrio@wanadoo.fr – Iola Aitken (nee Hughes) Went to Caergeiliog School 52 -58. Then HCS 58 – 64. Joinrd the W. R.A.F. Now living in Brittany. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers her. Margaret Evens, Eunice Williams, Brenda Jones, Karen Kempton, Edwina Jones (nee Pritchard) Judith ?
chris@nwacc.co.uk – Christopher Butterworth who attended the school 1963 to 1970 and now living in Colwyn Bay.
cjones@bigpond.net.au – Cyril Jones formerly of Holyhead, now living in Australia. Has written a history of Gofdu Farm, Penrhosfeilw http://penrhosfeilw.weebly.com
colin_jones@hp.com – Colin Jones formerly of Holyhead. He left for Manchester University in 1993 an has since moved to Reading and claims to be “living the life of Riley!”.
Colinbarker4@aol.com – Sac Barker writes: Would like to leave a message regarding 1113 MCU. also known as porth felin house. Served as marine mechanic 1958-59. Would like to get in touch with anyone who served there in the above dates. SAC.BARKER IN 1959 WAS POSTED ON TO RAF GAN…. in the MALEDIVES. NOW LIVING IN EAST KENT.
Cymru6@sympatico.ca – Jan Baxter, born in Holyhead and moved to Canada as a child. She now lives in St. Catherines, Ontario Canada. Her maiden name was Kleiser and she is related to Kleisers’ jewellers on Market Street.
exsaudi2003@aol.com– Alun Davies is a Holyheadian through and through! He lived in Baptist St, Kings Rd, Porth Y Felin, Bryn Glas Close and Rhos Y Gaer Ave. He was a fireman at RAF Valley, and is now the Training Officer at the International Airport Riyadh in KSA .Retired and now living in Penysarn
dah@dahughes.com – Peter, formerly of Holyhead who now lives in Maryland USA.
darice@potts606.fsnet.co.uk – Darice Norburn (now Potts) now living in Darwen near Blackburn.
daveross.fram@talktalk.net– David Ross lived in Maes Yr Haf and also in Morawelon in Holyhead. He attended Holyhead County School. He was born in September 1941. Mother was May Ross (nee – Owens) and Father was buried in St.Seiriols in 1952, a military funeral I’ve contacted the local MP (Is it Albert Owen)? to try and help ‘cos all I’m trying to do is find out if anybody can remember where my fathers grave is so I can erect a headstone!
David.Bradford@Marconicomms.com – David Bradford lived in Ty Croes between ’73 – ’80. He attended Holyhead County School ’74 – ’79 and now lives in Derby.
david.williams@winning.com – David Williams was born in1975 and grew up in Llaingoch. His Dad is David and hia Mam was Sandra. He started working for an American company in London in 2003 and moved to their San Francisco office in February 2005, living in Berkeley CA with my bulldog Alfie and enjoying life! He’d love to hear from anyone that remembers him from Llaingoch School or County or from the Holyhead Gamers Club in the late eighties!
david@carolann53.fsnet.co.uk – Ann Impett (nee Evans) formerly of Holyhead now living in Tyneside. Ann’s daughter Sharon still lives in Holyhead.
david@mcdonald191.freeserve.co.uk – David McDonald was at Holyhead County School 1964-1969, when he lived in Tý Croes. He now lives in Shaw near Oldham. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers him.
roberts-dave@hotmail.co.ukDave Roberts formerly of Holyhead, now living in Littleborough, Lancs. Dave worked in the Knitting factory and MEM.
daviessc@alp.dumgal.org.uk – Chris Davies formerly of Holyhead now living in Dumfries in Scotland.
davmag2@hotkey.net.au – Dave Griffiths lived in Holyhead 1938 -1940 and now lives in Australia. He has two brothers – John and Bill and they used to live in market Street.
davwynjones@tiscali.co.uk – David Jones (Butty) who heft Holyhead to go to sea in 1973., and made it to Captain like his Father Cyril Jones. He now lives in Plymouth where he is Director of a Maritime school. He is married with 3 children and would love to hear from anyone who remembers him.
DDRAIG@OPTUSNET.COM.AU – Steve Lyons was employed by the Holyhead Council as a carpenter for 11 years. He now lives in Brisbane with his family.
Ddraigmor@aol.com – John Griffiths formerly of Holyhead now living in Oxford.
nannydebdeb@aol.com -My name is Deborah Carroll, I grew up in Holyhead 1964-1981 (with a brief move to Rhyl in 73) I would love to try to find old school friends from Holyhead county or Llaingoch or Thomas Ellis. My Grandad was Howell Jones who owned Mona Precast and I lived in several areas of Holyhead! I now live in Los Angeles, California and work as a Nanny and host a TV show here. I have lots of memories of growing up in Holyhead and would love to find someone who can share them! Anyone who cares to can e mail me at nannydebdeb@aol.com Thanks Ann!.
debbie_awm@hotmail.com – Debbie Smith who lived at the Coastguard Staion in Holyhead until 1984 to joine the RAF. Debbie who now lives in Plymouth has Mam Pat and sister Julie still living in Holyhead.
debbie.shaw@ntlworld.com – Debbie Shaw formerly of Holyhead now living in Nottinghamshire
Debicannings@aol.com – Debi Cannings (nee Jones) from Holyhead, now living in Southampton.
dengi20@hotmail.com – Dennis Riley, born in Holyhead. He attended Park Primary, and Holyhead County schools.
denisesmith59@AOL.com– Denise Smith (nee Jones) formerly of Holyhead now living in Sunderland. Denise’s brother Benny still lives in Holyhead.
dfarr05@cableinet.co.uk – Derek Farr, a former Sealink employee who used to live in Station Street Holyhead, now lives in Chorley.
David (Dafydd) Hayden Hobart,Tasmania writes: I would like to contact any one, Family or Friends, who knew my Mother Elsie Annie Hayden of Market Street Holyhead as she worked on the Air Base at Anglseay as a cook. a-o-tas1@hotmail.com
suz.walley@gmail.com – David and Suzanne Walley (nee Shelby-James) formerly of Holyhead now living in Dubai.
DJinBury@aol.com – David Jones who went to County School until 1972 when he joined the Manchester Police. He has two brothers – Brian (Bogsie) and Gareth (Tich). His parents still live in Valley.
badipod@gmail.com – Tracey Ingham. My mum and dad, Bill and Carrie, used to have the cafe and arcade/ bingo in the Empire in 1962/63 (there was a pink elephant ride outside the front!).Then we lived in the Crown, in Market Street, where my Dad had an arcade again, till about 1967. My mum had an Antique shop at the back of the Crown, on the road that runs by the railway). We moved from the Crown and lived in Plas Hyfryd till just before Xmas 1969. I went to Thomas Ellis, so did my 2 brothers, Craig and Gregory. I started in Miss Williams class, in 1964, and ended up in Miss Preston-Thomas’ class. We left Holyhead in 1969, just before I would have gone to County. I’m in the school photo – Thomas Ellis School Choir and Percussion Band – 2nd row from the back, 3rd person from the left, playing recorder (except I was so scared to get a note wrong (thanks, Miss Preston-Thomas) I mimed the whole concert…!).Does anyone remember me or my Mum and Dad?
doreen.owen@btinternet.com Doreen (fomerly Owen) who now lives in Deganwy. Doreen used to work as a Telephonist and Supervisor at the Holyhead Telephone Exchange. jenniferwhelan@hotmail.co.uk – Mair Williams, lived in Vulcan St. She worked in Pollechoffs. She says she and her friends enjoyed going to the dances at The Reform Hotel, She married George Smith, and left Holyhead just after the war to live in Hoylake in the Wirral. Mair would be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers her, or any of her family who would like to make contact.
Dr_John_Ricketts@compuserve.com – John Ricketts, attended Holyhead County School until 1976, and now lives in Cheltenham.
dt.j@ntlworld.com – Heulwen (nee Hughes) of Valley and David Jones of Llanfachraeth attended Holyhead County School 1950-1957, now living in Swansea.
dumontier2500@yahoo.com – Ann Baumber nee Jones, sister of Olwyn Jones. Attended Le Bon Saveur Convent from 1955 – 1959. Is there anyone who remembers me? I now live in New South Wales, Australia.
duncan.craig@getreal.co.uk – Duncan Craig here… used to live at 85 Tan Yr Eifal, now living in Ilfracombe, North Devon.
dutchct1@cyberg87.com – Marlow Bryan from southern California USA. She would like to trace relatives who lived near South Stack – can you help?
DVE@xtra.co.nz – Darryl Evans who now lives in New Zealand, is the brother of former Mayor of Holyhead -Cllr. Jeff Evans.
DvH270@aol.com – David Hughes was one of the whalers on Angelsey. He left holyhead in Augest 1946 and now lives in Pelsall West Midlands. His photo is in the Cae Mwd photo of 6th Battion Royal Welch. I was Fusiler David Hughes 4194502.
E.F.Williams@ukc.ac.uk – Fran Williams, originally from Holyhead – attended Holyhead County School 1972-1980.
e.l.griffiths@bangor.ac.uk – Liz Griffiths formerly of Holyhead now living in Valley
editor@unconventionalideas.com – Mandy Angerson (nee Murton) who lived at 2 Coastguard Staion from 1964 – 1972 before moving to the Isle of Wight. She attended Park school and HCS (Celyn House). She has two brothers called Dana and Brett. She now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husbank and two children.
edryott@bigpond.net.au – Ed Ryott born in 1963 in the Gors Hospital, Holyhead. He attended Llaingoch and ounty Schools and worked for Anglesey Aluminium until 2000 before moving to Launceston in Tasmania. He now lives in Central Queensland and would love to hear from you.
efr32@vom.com – Eleanor Romaguera (nee Roberts) who was born in Holyhead.
Eifion@vic.australis.com.au – Mags & Eifion Hughes formerly of Holyhead, now living in Melbourne, Australia.
eiraw@aol.com – Eira Winrow (nee Inniss) left Holyhead in 1991 and now lives in Lancashire with husband Steve – a Lancashire lad. Would love to hear from you. Her Grandfather was Emyr the chimney sweep and her mother is Judith Willliams.
EIRAW@aol.com – Eira Winrow (nee Inniss) left Holyhead in 1991 and now runs a pub restaurant with husband Stephen in Lancashire. Her Mother is Judith Williams, and her grandfather was Emyr the Chimney sweep. Show would love to hear from anyone who remembers her or her family.
eirlys.lloyd@ntlworld.com – Eirlys Lloyd formerly of Holyhead now living in Harlow, Essex.
Elaine Sears to be added very soon!!
gacoulter@outlook.com – George Alun Coulter, lived in Henry Street off London Road and went to
county school until 1966, now living in New Jersey USA. Would love to hear from anyone that knew
emrysr@waitrose.com – Emrys Richards formally of Maes Hedd. Left Holyhead in 1946 on National Service. Served in the Army for 23 years. Now living in London and approaching his 80th birthday. Hoping to visit his brother, Ken who still lives in Holyhead very soon.
eproberts@australis.com.au – Eric & Pat Roberts originally of Holyhead, now living in Australia.
Eric.Brook1@btinternet.com – Elizabeth Jane Jones. Park/ National Schools. 1935 to 1945. Returned to Sir Fôn now in Benllech. Would like to contact anyone from those years . Elizabeth was known as Ginny.
evelynmorris@btinternet.com – Evelyn Morris left school in 1953. Her father was a former Vicar of Holyhead. She now lives in Hereford. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers her.
FAYECMAC@aol.com – Faye Fraser formerly of Holyhead now living in Merseyside.
FCarmania@aol.com – Frank and Enid Broughton formerly of Holyhead.
ffion@sympatico.ca – Ffion was at Thomas Ellis, and Holyhead County schools in the 1960’s and 70’s. She is based in Toronto, Canada.
fiona.stephens@austarnet.com.au – Fiona Stephens (nee Rennie) formerly of Holyhead, now lives in Australia. Fiona has a sister called Susan.
pauline.29@hotmail.com – We are no longer living in Trearddur bay, we are living in the Costa Blanca ,Spain and have been for a few years glad to see site is still going strong thanks Pauline Smith
fourwinds@trearddur74.freeserve.co.uk – David Alun Williams – at County School from 1952-1959 and at MEM from 1969 to date. Queen Street boy, and brother of Hugh and Robert (Festin).
ganddastorino@iprimus.com.au – Doreen Astorino (nee Jones) lived in Holyhead until 1965 when she emigrated to Australia. Doreen lived in Station St. and would love to hear from anyone that remembers her.
ganddastorino@iprimus.com.au – Doreen Astorino [nee Jones] writes : I lived in Holyhead until 1965 when I emigrated to Australia.I lived in Station St. and I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me.
garrywilliams10@hotmail.com – Garry Williams formerly of Holyhead now living in London
gary.aero@lineone.net – Gary Jones (nickname AERO) formerly of Holyhead, who has lived in Bangor since 1988.
Gary.Beer@btinternet.com – Sherry McMullan and sisters Hayley and Melanie formerly of Holyhead, now living in Gillingham, Kent. Their parents Maureen and Terry who ran the Stanley Arms until 2000, still live in Holyhead. Their brother Wayne is also still in Holyhead – with his wife Julie and their 3 children.
garymoseleylfc@hotmail.co.uk– Jayne Moseley (formely Jayne Barry) daughter of Ted & Loan Barry of Ty Mawr Estate. Went to St. Mary’s Primary School (1975 – 1982) Left Holyhead over 20 years ago and now lives near Welshpool, Mid-Wales
garywilliams28@aol.com – Left Holyhead in the year 2000. Now in Cheshire (County School 1986-1991).
Gavin.Rowlands@ReedHycalog.com – Gavin & Janet Rowlands formerly of Holyhead, now living in Aberdeen.
gaz61@btopenworld.com – Gary (Bach) Owen, Cybi house at Holyhead County School, left in 1977 (actually 1978 after a disasterous year in the sixth form). Emigrated to Cape Town, South Africa in 1983 and returned to the UK in 1993. Now living in Wokingham.
garysymonds@gmail.com – Gary Symonds menai house mid 70’s worked for Lipton’s store lived in caergeiliog.then went on to spend many years in the army.Now living in Bournemouth Dorset.I would love to hear from any one who remembers me.
David.Bradford@Marconicomms.com – Ray Calleja formerly of Holyhead now living in Malta
gerallt@llewjones.fsnet.co.uk – Gerallt Llew Jones lived in Holyhead from 1953 to 1978. First at 41 Newry Street, then at 136 Morawelon then 114. Moved to Seabourne Road in 1961. Llanfawr School from 1958 to 64, then the County from 1964 to 1971. Some site visitors and ex pats may recall my father, a teacher at the county – Llew Jones who died in April 2000, and my mother Margaret Mona Jones who died in 1995 who taught at Thomas Ellis and later at the Morswyn when it started up. Any recollections let me know!
gjdoutch@nortelnetworks.com – Gareth Doutch formerly of Holyhead. He now lives in Torquay, Devon where he is an electronic engineer for alarge telcomms company. Gareth has 2 brothers Robert and Mike.
tbenson6@kent.edu – My husband is George Benson and we moved from Holyhead to the USA last summer. It would be wonderful to be included so that our friends, and friends of his daughter, could keep in touch. We miss everyone back there so very much!
Glyn.cymru@btinternet.com – Glyn Roberts from Cecil Street in London Road. His brothers are Wynne and Alan. Their father was a baker at Chester House. He now lives in Northern Ireland.
glynr@microsoft.com – Glyn Richards formerly of Holyhead who now lives in Winsford, Cheshire.
gogars@yahoo.com – Mercedes Garcia from Mexico City who went to school at the Convent in Holyhead.
goonie@kingston.net – Heather McFarland attended Le Bon Saveur was because her father was in the military, and were posted to Wales. When she attended the school, she and her sister Rondallyn were the only Canadian girls there. There was one American girl who also attended at the same time. She believes her name was Debbie Cole. Does anyone remember us? she asks? She had a teacher named Madame Pascall.
gordonweare@hotmail.com – Gordon Weare formerly of Holyhead now living in Warrington, Otago, New Zealand.
gowen@carrrotmail.com – Graham Owen formerly of Holyhead (Llaingoch) now living in Docklands, London. Looking forward to hearing from anybody who knows him.
gralin@bigpond.com – John Graham and Linda Roberts emigrated to Australia in 1980 with daughters Debbie, Karen and Liza.
griffandco@tiscali.co.uk – Dewi and Yvonne Griffiths formerly of Holyhead now living in Shropshire.
GTO320B@aol.com – Mat Croft originally from Holyhead. lived in Maes-Y-Dref, then Morawelon. engaged and been in Army for last 15 years.
gwalltcoch@hotmail.com – Lizzy, Elizabeth Akalin (Nee Jones) from Gorad Valley. She went to Bodedern High School, then to Liverpool Poly to do a course in design history and devlopment. Now living in Turkey
gwenpeck@shaw.ca – I attended the Bon Sauveur along with my twin sister in 1973/74. I am a canadian but was most blessed to have the opportunity to school in north Wales. Would LOVE to hear from any Le on Sauveur’s from the year specified. We were in Form 5
gwynandjim@woosh.co.nz – Gwyneth Gregory (nee Jones) formerly of Holyhead, now living in New Zealand.
harril33@yahoo.com – Harri Lowe – son of Freda (nee Jones) and Trevor Lowe, formerly of Holyhead now living in Australia.
HARRY1945@bigpond.com.au – Harry & Kay Coxell. Harry was born in Holyhead. He emigrated to Australia in 1967.
Harrymcwhirter@aol.com – Nicola Clarke who lived in Holyhead for 16 years would love to hear from anyone who knows her
Hazeearnest@hotmail.com – Hazel Earnest now living in Newhaven, formerly of Holyhead.
hems1@one.net.au – Mark Hemsley formerly of Holyhead and has been living in Australia since 1974.
hibberd@wxs.nl – Roger Hibberd lived in Bodedern in between 1967 and 1970 but went to Secondary school in Holyhead. He would love to hear from anyone who might remember him. He now lives in Assen, Holland.
holyhead55@yahoo.com – May Davies formerly of Holyhead now living in Virginia USA. also Joyce Davies her sister can be reached at holytelst@yahoo.com
holyhead68@hotmail.com – Jayson Ihle formerly of Holyhead (1976-1994) now living in Oswestry, Shropshire.
Holypen18@aol.com – Angela Thomas formerly of Morawelon in Holyhead now living in Cornwall.
hrowlands@sky.com – Hugh Rowlands, born in Holyhead 1936 and lived in Holyhead 1946-1951. Attended National and County schools. Lived in Moreton Road and Brixton Mount. Would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me. See National School 1947 & 1948 class photos in Photo section.
nodder@live.ca – Sean Hussey son of Walter and Margreta Hussey born and raised in Holyhead,left for Canada in 1987.sean now lives in northern Alberta is married and has 2 kids. Sean attended county school until he was 16.
huw_huws@hotmail.com – “Huw Twice” has he was known in school was born in 1952, left County School in 1966 and now lives in Africa. He would like to catch up with old friends especially Wayne and Gwenllian of William Street, and his old teacher Gwyn Roberts-Jones.
huwmorganjones@yahoo.co.uk – Huw Morgan Jones writes: I was at County School from 1955 until 1957 when I went to work for The Post Office. Worked at Beaumaris Post Office for three years and then in Boston Street with Gareth Jones, Roy Jones and others. Now retired and living in Manchester after 31 years in our own Post Office! Wondering whatever happened to Roy. I have contact with Gareth (Gary Wiggs).
i_am_maduk@yahoo.co.uk – Mark – nickname tintin / bigfoot who left Holyhead with his family in September 2001 and now lives in Preston.
ian.birch@telia.com – I was born 1962 and lived in Holyhead 1963?-69. Living first in the old school house at County school? where my sister Nicola was born and my father was a teacher, later in Bryn-Erw Road. I went to Llanfawr. Having few photos or contacts from that time, it would be great to hear from anyone who has. I have been living in Sweden since 1970.
ian@ianscott-taylor.com– Ian Scott Taylor formerly of Roberts Street, Holyhead. Ian attended Thomas Ellis primary school and Holyhead County Secondary school 1970-1975. He now lives in Maryland, USA.
iangrieve83@hotmail.com – Ian Grieve attended Bodedern between 1988-1993. He now lives in Aberdeen (and says “Would you believe it – I have a Kid!”) previous addresses were Richmond Hill and Cybi Place.
ikfirth@ikfirth.f9.co.uk – Denise Firth (nee Williams) of Holyhead now living in Bradford, West Yorkshire. She left Holyhead in 1984.
imsolutions@btconnect.com – We are all ex pats!!!!! My mum and dad- John and Eleanor Seymour , My older brothers John 39, Michael 37, and Christopher 34, and then me Jane 32, and my sister Angela Seymour31. We lived in Holyhead til 1982/83. We lived in Morrawelon – Bryn Glas Close and Alderley Terrace. The older 4 of us attended County School, and my younger sister went to park school until we moved away. We all now live in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Limited.
Inferno3596@aol.com – Tina Holland (nee Blackman) lived in Holyhead until 1988. Her Mam is Yvonne Blackman (nee Roberts) and she has a sister called Teresa. Her grandparents were Tom (who was in the RAF) and Doris Roberts (who was in the Wrens). Tina would love to hear from anyone who remembers her, or her Grandparents.
j.j.strijdhorst@talk21.com – Yan Strijdhorst attended Holyhead County School from 1978 – 83 and now lives in Eastbourne, East Sussex
j.jdavies@xtra.co.nz – James Davies who attended County School 1964-1969 and who now lives in Dairy Flat near Aukland, New Zealand.
j.parry@lancaster.ac.uk – Jackie Higson (nee Parry) who left Holyhead in 1993 and is now a Biology lecturer at Lancaster University. She is married with one daughter, Charlotte.
JACKIEM800@aol.com – John Milliken attended Holyhead County School from 1963. His father was in the RAF. John would like to hear from anyone who remembers him.
JACKIETHOMAS@EATON.COM – Originally from Holyhead, left County school in 1991, I now live in Birmingham. and try and get back to Holyhead as often as I can as all my family still live there. Would love to hear from people who remember me
Jakeausten@hotmail.com – Jake Austen, originally of Holyhead now living in Newhaven.
JakiNorton@aol.com – Jaki Norton (nee Price) lived in Holyhead for 22 years and left in 1988. She went to Valley Primary and the Holyhead secondary from 197501981. She would love to hear from any of the old crowd, who would be around 35 years of age in 2001.
breya1@ntlworld.com – Jan Bell was born and brought up in Holyhead until 1983 and now lives in Oxfordshire. Also her sister Wendy in Australia wendydarling61@hotmail.com
jan.friend@ic24.net – Jan Friend (formerly Owen) lived in London Rd. with her parents Rona & Arthur now lives in Lincoln.
jan.friend@ic24.net – Jan Friend (formerly Owen) lived in London Rd. with her parents Rona & Arthur now lives in Lincoln.
garymoseleylfc@hotmail.co.uk Jayne Moseley (Barry) attended County School 1975 – 1982. Now lives near Welshpool.
Jayne here I went to Llanfawr primary 1963 -1968 roughly ,school friends there are Marylin williams ,Jean Lavelle,Julie Elizabeth Williams ,Debra Maddocks, i lived in Bryn glas road,before moving to Kings road when i was nine ,i went to Thomas Ellis ,friends,Una,Bernice,Rhona,Ronald Clark,Jean Clark,Geraint Williams,colin ,Julie Murgatriot , then i attended Holyhead county school,untill i was sixteen,Friends with Elizabeth williams ,Ann Bennet, some other people i remember Dennis Hadley ,Neil WIll,Penny Paterson,i am now living in cowes on the Isle of wight i can remember so many faces not sure of the second names . Thankyou for your help fond regards to you and your family from Jayne xx jfgiacomelli@yahoo.co.uk
janowen69@netscapeonline.co.uk – Jan Owen and sons Davie & Rob Owen (Spud’s boys) we lived in Holyhead for 10 years until 1997. Jan used to teach aerobics in the Leisure Centre in Holyhead, and now lives in Kent. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers them.
blod@live.co.za – Jan Owen from South Africa, formerly of Holyhead.
jasjoyhanjess@btinternet.com – Joy Mortimer formerly of Holyhead, now living in London. Joy was in the Llanfawr school choir, and was one of the singers in the 200-strong choir at the Holyhead Town Hall in 1969.
jasmine@cytanet.com.cy – Jon Grey in Cyprus, whose family (the Friebal’s) live in Holyhead.
JBRoberts@synavant.com – John Roberts who lived in Holyhead until he was 13 in Treseifion. He attended Kingsland Primary School and then County School until he moved to Leicestershire in 1990. He would love to hear from anyone who would have been at school at the same time as it would be great to catch up.
jcleaver@candw.ky – My mother, Barbara Cleaver (nee Roberts) grew up in Holyhead, on Ucheldre Avenue and has lived for the past 28 years in Grand Cayman, Cayman Island. She has very fond memories of Holyhead and I know that she would love to hear from any old friends.
jeanfromwales@yahoo.com.au – Jean Geurtjens formerly from Holyhead, and now living on the Gold Coast Queensland. Wife of the late and loved Martin Geurtjens (Well known brothers Colin, Glyn and Adrian Geurtjens (mum Mima)( Parents Ernie Bates Policeman Freda Bates) children Michael, Karen Tony and James. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers the family. Emigrated 1980 but still has a heart for Holyhead.
jenny.roberts@steelandtube.co.nz – Jennifer Roberts is very keen to get in touch with anyone who went to Park Primary School or County School, and who would have left there 12 years ago. Her best friend was Sarah Wood. Her Aunt is Barbara Rowlands, her sons are Eric, Stephen & Phillip. It would mean a great deal to her if someone from her days in Holyhead contacted her. Jenny now lives in New Zealand.
jgd4308@yahoo.com – Gareth & Freda Davies (nee Siebert) left holyhead 1969 now living on the Wirral Gareth was in the marine yard 1964/1969. Would love to hear from you.
jillgmb@hotmail.com – Jill Hughes who left County Shool in 1975. She now lives in East Barnet in Herts. Mam and Dad – Dolly and Bill are still going strong, as are sisters Jackie and Joan!
jmcooper@bigpond.net.au – Jim Cooper formerly of Holyhead. He attended Thomas Ellis school. Son of Norman & June Cooper (nee McDonald), and his grandparents ran the Cambria Pub.
joanwattam@ntlworld.com – & taffyess@hotmail.com Joan (nee Williams) formerly of Holyhead (Maes Cybi & Upper Baptist St.), and now lives in Hampshire, and previously in C. Durham. She has sisters Megan and Gwen, and a brother Hugh. Her late brother Billy died when he was 48 and was married to Stella Bonny. Joan would love to hear from you if you remember her.
John.Morrison@jppuk.net – John Morrison attended Holyhead primary school from 1955 – 1957 forms 3E & 4E & Holyhead Secondary School 1957 – 1963 forms 1O, 2A, 3A & 4A. He lived in R.A.F Valley. Would love to hear from you if you remember him.
John.Pettinger@unilever.com – John left Holyhead in 1965 and now lives in Rotterdam. Would love to hear from anyone who attended the old National School or Thomas Ellis.
john@captainchaos3.free-online.co.uk – John & Francine Griffiths formerly of Holyhead, now living in Manchester.
goonie@kingston.net – John Kane originally from Scotland, moved to Holyhead in 1970, when he attended St. Mary’s School and County School 1971-1977. He has a sister Mary who also attended St. Marys and then the Convent 1975-1981. John worked on the railway for 18 years, and now lives in Reddich.
goonie@kingston.net – John Kane, originally from Scotland, moved to Holyhead in 1970, went to St Mary’s until 1971 then County School 1971-1977. He has a brother Martin, now age 40 who also went to St Mary’s and County 1973-1978 and a sister Mary who went to St. Mary’s 1970-1975 then to the Convent 1975-1981. John worked for the railway for 18 years and now runs his own business in Redditch, Worcestershire. He is married with a son and a daughter.
jonathan.jayne.hughes@rogers.com– Jonathan Hughes who lived in Trearddur Bay from 1961-1979. His father was Capt. Hughes, and was the Marine Superintendent in Holyhead until about 1983. Jonathan and his wife emigrated to Toronto in 1991.
jones_bryn@munich.com – I’m Bryn Jones origonally from Trearddur Bay, son of Dafydd Wyn Jones who taught at Bodedern (he retired last year). I’m nearly fourty. Went to County, and did ok. I’ve got loads of freinds from Holyhead and would love to hear from anyone that I know who Ive lost touch with. I was taught German in County by a teacher whose name I can’t remember (She was from Northern Island, married to the butcher from Robertses in town) and still have a slight Northern Island accent when I speak German, to trhe amuserment of my coleagues at work. I’m living in unich at the moment, working for the railway company. I was working for Eurostar before, after working for British Rail then Railtrack in London.
jones@tinywales.freeserve.co.uk – Howard Jones, formerly of Holyhead now living in Cheshire.
jr.bassett@optusnet.com.au – Ray bassett formerly of Holyhead Bolsach boy left 1966 Ray’s father ran the “Edinburgh Castle” and they lived in Newry St.
judith_rennie@hotkey.net.au – Juding Rennie formerly of Holyhead who has lived in Australia since 1980.
k.floyd2@ntlworld.com – Eileen Floyd (nee Williams) left Holyhead in 1971, now lives in Cleethorpes Lincs.
k.morgan-jones@reading.ac.uk – Kris Morgan-Jones now living in Reading with Hailey Burton, another ex-pat and our son Owen. Would love to hear from anyone who knew us
K4ray@aol.com – Ray Robinson, born in Holyhead in 1956. Went to County school in 1967 till 1971 then onto sea training school Indefatigable in Llanfair P.G.then deep sea. He now runs a fruit farm in Kent, with his wife and 3 daughters He went to the Sea Cadets in Newry beach in1966. Ray would love to hear from every one who remembers him.
kaihan2@frisurf.no – Gwladys Hansen (nee Williams) formerly of Holyhead now living in Norway.
Karen@avonmanor.fsnet.co.uk – Gwyneth Williams born in Holyhead in 1934 and moved to London in the 50’s. She now lives near Southampton and would love to hear from anyone who remembers her.
karen@avonmanor.fsnet.co.uk – Gwyneth Williams was born in Holyhea in 1934 and moved to London in the 50’s. She now lives in Southampton and would love to hear from you.
karen@davis1911@fsworld.co.uk – Karen Davis formerly of Trearddur Bay.
Kathy@microjoint.co.uk – David Rowlands from Holyhead’s Bolsach. He remembers the MTB well. His parents were Tommy & Kathleen. He has a brother John. In their “gang” was Bob Davies, Avril Thorne, David Hughes, Geraint Griffiths, Trevor Parry, Davy Wyn Griffith, Stephen and Gary Roberts.
keith_jones31@hotmail.com – Keith Jones – eldest son of the late Gwilym & Dorothy Jones ex of 5 Alderley Terrace Holyhead. Family is “Morgan Jones”. He had 4 brothers – 3 live in North Wales – Christopher (Kim), Gwil Bach, Richard (ex Shady Lane) whilst Derek lives in Southampton. He is married to Annora (nee Lloyd) a Bolsach-ian. They have 3 grown up children. Currently living in Flint. He has worked for the Government for 40 years and due to retire soon. Would like to here from anyone who knew him during his school days – from Cybi juniors through County Seniors to up to 1959.
keith_jones31@hotmail.com – Keith Jones eldest sone of the late Gwilym & Dorothy Jones of Alderley Terrace. Keith has 4 brothers – Christopher (Kim), Gwil Bach, Richard, and Derek. He is married to Annora (nee Lloyd) also formerly of Holyhead, and now live in Flint.
keithlewis80@ntlworld.com – Keith Lewis left Holyhead in 1983 to join the Army. His family Arthur & Vera, along with his sisters Menai & Lorraine, and brothers Alun & David, still live in Holyhead. As of Feb 2002 he will be moving to Wrexham.
kenandbunny@cwcom.net – Ken Hughes formerly of Holyhead, who now lives in Cardiff. His Mother’s maiden name was Stringer. He was in school with Gilbert Brown and Cledwyn Roberts.
kenbach1947@yahoo.co.uk – Ken (Bach) Hughes. Formerly of Llaingoch Holyhead now living in Victoria, Estrito Santos in Brazil.
kenningtondowns@btinternet.com – Brenda Downs (nee Bowman). Her dad worked for Baird & Davies his name was Ray Bowman. Her Mothers’ name was Netta. She has a sister Gillian who still lives in Holyhead.
kfloyd1@ntlworld.com – Eileen Floyd (nee Williams) lived in Holyhead until 1971, now living in Cleethorpes, Lincs.
khemsley@hotkey.net.au– Karl Hemsley formerly of Holyhead now living in Australia since 1974.
kirstywiseman@hotmail.com – Kirsty Wiseman (nee Kinroy) now living in Wiltshire. Would love to be in contact with old school friends. She attended County School 1982-1987. She says “You may remember my sister Becky, brother Leigh and Mum and Dad – Hazel and Steve”.
kjrobert@tpg.com.au – Ken and Jackie Roberts formerly of Holyhead now living in Australia.
launawoodruff@tiscali.co.uk – Launa Woodruff (nee Nichols) formally from Holyhead attended Thomas Ellis 1960 and County School 1961 to 1967. now lives in North Yorkshire
laurenconnor@ntlworld.com – Tracy Connor formerly of Valley. County School pupil 1978-1983. Now living and working in Swindon Wiltshire. Would love to keep in touch with anyone who went to the school reunion on 26/5/01 and anyone else who remembers her.
Lawlor.Frank.FX@bhp.com.au – Frank Lawlor formerly of Holyhead now living in Australia. Frank and Val can also be contacted at franklawlor1@yahoo.com
la7412@googlemail.comLee Aston (used to be know as Leona Yates, Married name Chant) lived in Llaingoch till 1990, moved to the Wirral and still there. Went to County School 1975-80, looking for anyone who knew me and would like to keep in touch. Divorced twice have 2 sons Simon (27) and John (19, passed away 2yrs ago)
lecmotors@tiscali.co.uk – Kevin Morris lived in Maerhyfryd Road in Holyhead from 1980-1988, went to County for 4 years then to Pencraig collage. Now lives in Pembroke Dock S.Wales as an Electrician for a Marine Company. Would love to hear from you.
leighkinroy@hotmail.com – Leigh Kinroy formerly of Coastguard Station, Newry Beach. Now currently serving in the RAF in Germany (soon RAF Digby, Lincs). Still comes back to visit friends when he can.
Leightonstephens@aol.com – Leighton Stephens (another Lawlor!) formerly of Holyhead now living in Cornwall.
lorrainedunn126@yahoo.com Lorraine Dunn (nee Olak) I used to live in Holyhead from 1976 to 1991. I left when I was 18.I attended County School and worked at the Boatyard in the office.I really miss Holyhead. I remember most how friendly everyone was.I love looking at your website, especially when I am feeling down. Kind regards Lorraine Dunn (nee Olak)
Leonard.webb@tinyworld.co.uk – Doreen West formerly of Holyhead now living in Wiltshire.
caergeiliog@rocketmail.com Les Williams formerly of Holyhead, emigrated to Rhodesia in 1974, then moved to Cape Town. He returned to the UK in 1991, and now living a life in beautiful Cardiff
lewisdave9@aol.com – David Lewis formerly of Holyhead now lives in Valley. Would love to hear of anyone who remembers him in school.
Lewisdave9@aol.com – David Lewis who lived at 7 Maes Haf. He worked at Holyhead loco 1959 -1965 and later worked at RAF Valley for 22 years . He now lives in Valley would love to hear from anyone who rembers him.
lindyanden@surething.co.za – Den Roberts, brother of Dr Ken Roberts, living in Cape Town since 1981. Please visit a Web page of special interest to me. http://mysite.mweb.co.za/residents/fdcentre Can Holyhead help?
lindyfm@aol.com – Linda (nee Voak) formerly of Valley, and attended Caergeiliog and County Schools. She has a brother called Alan, and a sister called Janette. Would love to hear fom you.
nigel.bakewell@hotmail.co.uk– Nigel Bakewell (now living in Conway) formerly of Valley. He attended Holyhead County School 1976-1982 when he left to join the Army. He has a brother called Mike. Their parents still live in Valley, and their Father used to be a Master Mariner for Sealink.
lipman@carod.freeserve.co.uk – Rod Lipman writes: Hi Holyhead! I am proud to say that I was born in Holyhead. I lived on the island for forty two years, before moving to Shropshire last December. I would be delighted to hear from any of my old friends
lisa_suth@hotmail.com – Lisa Sutherland (nee Thomas) attended County School from 1979-84. She left Holyhead in 1992 and now lives in Llangefni. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers her.
littlenorm12@hotmail.com – Joyce green (nee Edwards) formerly of Maes Y Brennin in Holyhead now living in Yorkshire.
llamafarmer2002@yahoo.com.br – Emyr ap Ioan born in Holyhead in 1950. Attended Cybi and then County schools then on to Agricultural College. He then went to Argentina to work for the government on their vetinary program. He was interned for the duration of the Falklands conflict. He is married, and has 6 girls and his wfie Maria,is currently expecting their seventh child, which he says will hopefully be their first boy! Would love to hear from anyone who remembers him – especially Brian “Bolsach” Fitzmaurice, Edwin “Spangi”Stevens or any of his teammates in the Indian
llamafarmer2002@yahoo.com.br – Emyr ap Ioan born in Holyhead in 1950. Attended Cybi & County schools. Now lives in Argentina with his wife Maria and their 6 children. He would love to hear from Brian Fitzmaurice, Edwin Stevens or anyone in the Indian Club Swingers 1959-1961.
llywelyn_ap_gruffudd@hotmail.com – Gavin Rhys Jones was raised in Holyhead and now lives in Dublin.
lmcdonald@uwic.ac.uk – Lawrence mcdonald left holyhead 1972 joined the army rwf came out 1992, lived in pontypridd,moved to holyhead 2001, moved back again to pontypridd 2003, still got sister and brother living in holyhead.
LORRAINEJBERRY@aol.com – Lorraine Berry (nee Haseldine) who went to Caergeiliog and Valley primary schools. She attended Holyhead County School until 1981. She has two sisters, Lesley (married to Pete Sutton) and Beverley who now lives in London. Lorraine now lives in Wallington, Surrey, and would love to hear from anyone who remembers her.
lynchgra@hotmail.com.au – Sharon Graccogna (nee Lunch) would love to hear from anyone she went to school with. She attended St. Mary’s from 1964-1970 then went on to County School in 1970. She left in 1974 when her family went out to Australia. Her family returned to Holyhead in 1980, but she stayed. Her mother Betty is still in Holyhead, her father was Paddy Lynch (the plasterer).
Lynnearmpit@aol.com – Alan Roberts (alan Cockney) Came from London in the early 60’s lived in Black bridge, and Morawelon joined the Army in 1969. Moved around and now lives in Birmingham. Sadly his father Tom passed away October 2008 , but Alan still has family in Holyhead – his sister Margaret and many friends. Alan would love to hear from them or anyone who remembers him.
m.john@which.net – Mark John, formerly of Holyhead, went to County School, moved to Staffordshire in 1978, now living in Cheshire.
madonher@hotmail.com – Andy Sullivan……formely of Holyhead ex sealink employee of 14 years…now in Liverpool.
maimiechapman@eircom.net – I am Maimie Chapman , granddaughter of the late John Roberts who was married to an Irish woman Mary White and who died when my mother was born 20-10-1911. The last known address where they lived was 10 Harp St, Holyhead. If theres anybody out there who may know anything about John Roberts , I would be extremely pleased .
mairwencarr@blueyonder.co.uk – Mairwen Carr (nee Jones)born in Holyhead. She lived at 24 Vulcan St, and later at 20 Leonard St. She worked in Woolworth’s, and was married at St. Cybi’s Church. She left in 1960 to live in Walsall, west midlands. She would love to hear from anyone who remembers her (kindly!!).
marc@nationwideimaging.com – I used to live in Holyhead 20 years ago and ran a local hair salon back then. In 1986 I moved eventually ended up living in the USA . Could you please add my email below in the ex pats section hopefully Mandy will read this one day as I haven’t heard from her in over 15 years..
MarcHawkins05@aol.com – Linda Hawkins (formerly Jones) Attended Thomas Ellis and County school. Now teaching in South Wales, married with 2 children Adam and Emilia. Parents Liz and Maurice still living in Holyhead, also brother Michael now living in London.
mariangriffiths@waterfront.net.au – Marian Griffiths (nee Hillier) of Beach road. Living in Melbourne since 1982. Went to park school 1958-1964,county from 1964-1969. worked in midland bank Holyhead. love to hear from old school friends,, Susan Humphreys,who went to Morfa Nefyn,and Anwen who shared the same birthday 21st JANUARY 1953, who went to Oswestry to live,anyone else who wants to get in touch!
Martin_Cox@shaw.ca – Martin Cox lived in Holyhead until 1984 . Graduated HSC in 1982 now living in Vancouver Canada.
brucemilton@btinternet.com – Margaret A. bruce (nee Wright) formerly of Holyhead, now living in Caithness. Margaret is married to a farmer. She attended Park school until 1958 and then County School until 1965, when she went to St. Mary’s College in Bangor, taught for 2 years in Kent and taught fEnglish for 6 years to missionaires from overseas, in London. She worked with a mission to Jews also in London.
MCymro@aol.com – Lloyd Owen – attended County School 1940-45. In Canada since 1959. Retired at Wasaga Beach Ontario.
mdcox@telus.net – Martin Cox grew up in Holy Head and Four Mile Bridge , left in ’84 and ended up settling in Vancouver Canada.
melissaellen@tiscali.co.uk – Vicki Wauson ( nee Thomas ) born and brought up in HolyHead went to Park school and county school. Would like to get in touch with anyone that remembers me, Lived at 1, Wesley Terrace, youngest daughter to AnnEllen ( nee Charles) and Bob Thomas, now living in Mildenhall Suffolk
mfraser@pt.lu – Audrey Arlett Fraser (nee Roberts) originaly of Holyhead, not living in Luxembourg.
mfsteph@dreamtilt.com.au – Fiona Stephens (nee Rennie) who emigrated to Australia 20 years ago, from Holyhead.
Michael.McGinness@multiples.mwmack.co.uk – Michael McGinness moved away from Holyhead in 1995 and is now living in Tonbridge Kent. He would like to contact Expats and people living in Holyhead who remember him.
michael.owens87@ntlworld.com – Michael Owens formally of Bolsach Holyhead. Went to Park School 69-74 Then County School From 74-79 in Eilian house, spent 24 years in RAF Married for last 11 years. Now living in Carterton Oxfordshire
mike-helen@trehwfa.freeserve.co.uk – Mike Jones formerly of Trehwfa Road, Holyhead attended County School 1976-1983. He now lives is Haslington, Cheshire.
Mike.Price-Jones@dacorum.gov.uk – Mike Price Jones was born in Holyhead and lived here until he was 21. He used to live in Waen Fawr, and played in a band called ADAM in the late 1960’s. Other group members were Alwyn Roberts, Alan Jones and David Pratt.
mikebjones@yahoo.com – Moved away when he was 4, but comes back 3 or 4 times a year to see his parents and relatives. He now lives in Workshop, North Notts.
mikelambert@mikelambert.screaming.net – Michael E. Lambert formerly of Holyhead now living in Bodffordd. Visit Mike’s web site about his new folk/rock band – http://members.tripod.co.uk/mikelambert
Misschatter1@hotmail.com – Emma Jones formerly of Holyhead now lives in Manchester.
mjlynch@tinyworld.co.uk – Melanie Lynch (nee McMullan) left County School in ’87 and moved to Gillingham, Kent in 1998, where she now lives with her husband Martin. Her parents are Maureen & Terry, who ran the Stanley Arms pub. Her sisters Sherry & Hayley and her Mam’s sister Carina are also in Gillingham.
mondo@austarnet.com.au – Nuala Reading (nee Lynch) and her sister Sharon Graccogna lynchgra@hotmail.com have lived out in Australia for many years. Mike, Sharon’s husband would also like to hear from anyone who remembers him in Holyhead. He played football for Holyhead Athletics (1980-1981). They would all love to hear from family and friends.
m.farrington@hotmail.com – I lived at Refail Farm Estate and attended Holyhead County School for 1 year September 177971 – july 1972, before going to Bangor Collage I now live in Southport. People I remember are Phil jones, Nigel Dennis, Aneurin Davies, Angelad Lambert – Williams and Elizabeth Hughes. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me – Many Thanks Mu (Muriel) Farrington
moondreamer63@hotmail.com – Originally from Holyhead Angela Jones went to St Mary’s School and then County secondary school. She lived in St Seiriols Close, Rock St and then Rhoslan Flats. I left Holyhead in 1994. She is now living in Somerset with her daughter and would love to hear from anyone who remembers her.
n.davis@onmail.co.uk – Angela Thomas formerly of Morawelon Holyhead. Went to Llanfawr primary and Holyhead County Schools. She now lives in Cornwall.
NDT@MarshallAerospace.com – Mary Tomsett (nee Jones formerly of Holyhead now living in Cambridge.
Nigel nr owen@aol.com – Nigel and Katrina Owen (nee Teer) who lived in Porthdafarch Rd and went to HCS. Katrina went to the Convent school until ’82 and then to County school. They now live in Ontario, Canada and would love to hear from anyone who remembers them.
Nigel_Jacqui@btopenworld.com – Nigel Stephens who used to live in Cae Braenar and worked in Anglesey Aluminium for 15 years would love to hear from old friends.
Nigel.Woodhouse@btopenworld.com – Nigel Woodhouse who left Holyhead in 1983, and now lives in Norfolk.
nigel@pontypriddtowncouncil.fsnet.co.uk – Nigel Griffiths formerly of Holyhead now living in Newport, South Wales, where he is a Town Clerk at Pontypridd.
Norman.Jones@deltaelectrical.com – Norman Jones who lives in Holyhead. Norman has worked at the MEM factory for many years.
ocima@shaw.ca – Ron Garland -although born in Scotland – lived and worked and married in Holyhead from 1948 to 1954, to a local girl Gwyneth Griffiths-Williams, who, although born in Conwy, lived and attended Holyhead County School. Gwyneth was Battle of Britain Queen when they met in 1948 via the Druid Players, the local drama group at that time.
ours@pankam.fsnet.co.uk – Paul – nickname scouse left Holyhead 13 years ago and is now married with children.
owensmg@optusnet.com.au – Goronwy and Margaret Owens, formerly of Caergiliog and Valley, now living in Melbourne, along with their daughters Julie and Elizabeth. Gron was with the Blue Star Line for 40 years as a Marine Engineer. His Mam and Dad (Nora and Bill Owen) lived in Arthur Street, Kingsland
p.walsh@nobleasia.com.au – Phil Walsh was born i Holyhead in 1943 went to the County School (when
PapyT@aol.com – Keith Thomas originally from Holyhead now living in California, USA.
parry_jamie@yahoo.com – jamie parry from morawelon left holyhead8 years ago. trampo’s boy will jog memorys chris@nwacc.co.uk – I`m Chris Butterworth and live in Colwyn Bay.I grew up on Salt Island in Island House, now demolished, and wonder if anyone knows anything about the history of that little island?Especially, the salt works, the railway that once ran to the lifeboat hut from the quarry, the sand pit near the meteorological station and the tunnels near the old Dublin Steam packet railway works (the newt pond ) and anything else that`s going! There was another rail ran from Admiralty pier to the newt pond and just beyond Little Beach to by the back of the hospital.
Pashatoga@hotmail.com – Sharon and Pat formerly of Holyhead, now living in Holland.
pat@mmagic.fsbusiness.co.uk – Pat Hughes (nee Taylor) who lives in Trearddur Bay attended County School 1953 – 1960. She would like anyone who remembers her – to get in touch.
Paul.Corbett@Honeywell.com – Paul writes: I lived in Holyhead from 1977 to 1982. Leaving county school in 1979 to work at Wylfa Power Station (recognised Chris Williams, fellow apprentice in one of the pictures too). I moved to Hampshire in 82 and I’m still here.
paul.sockett@tinyworld.co.uk – Paul Sockett would be like to hear from anyone who attended Llanfawr from 1971-75 or County School 1975-82. He has lived in Hereford for the past 15 years and would love to reminisce about the old days!
paul@theclares.plus.com – Nicola Whelan (now Clare) Lived on London rd from1981-1985, sister of Sean Whelan, Moved to Cardigan mid Wales then on to Derby. Got married then moved to Rochdale where I’m still living with my husband and three children. If anyone remembers me do contact me.
paulcunningham@gurnard54.freeserve.co.uk – Paul Cunningham formerly of Holyhead. He worked for a short time on the Stena Line’s HSS ferry in Holyhead.
paulroberts@hotmail.com – Paul Roberts who left Holyhead in 1991.
paz@wn.com.au – Ray and Pauline Parry. Ray is originally of Holyhead (South Stack Pub) low living in Mandurah, Western Australia.
pejay33@yahoo.com – Peter John Edwards son of John Henry Edwards of Gilbert Street Holyhead.My family migrated to New Zealand when he was 4 years old. Peter is 747 Captain for Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong. Among his fathers’ family from Holyhead are:Will,Tom,Joe,Syd,Jean,Allyn and Len. and Peter would love to hear from anyone who knows his family.
peterrichards4@hotmail.com – Peter Richards formerly of Holyhead, who now lives in Portugal. Peter left Holyhead in 1959 and used to be a chorister in the 40’s & 50’s.
philca@iprimus.com.au – Phil and Cathy James formerly of Holyhead now living in Melbourne Australia.
philj@picknowl.com.au – Phil Jones son of Pam & John now living in Australia. Phil has a sister called Melaniewho went to old Park school & County School in Holyhead.
phillipgray06@aol.com – Phillip Gray formerly of Llaingoch.Son of the late Hugh Gray(bus conductor)and DorothyGray(neeDoutch).Attended Llaingoch Primary School from 1963-1969.Moved to Flintshire now living in Sandycroft.Would like to hear from any old friends or family
philwjones@btconnect.com – Phil Jones in Manchester former Holyhead CS & Park School pupil. Prev. address – Queen’s Park. Left in 1977.
pies@oxters.freeserve.co.uk – Veronica Downing (nee Gray) attended Thomas Ellis school and then HCS until 1967 when she joined the RAF. She now lives in Cornwall and is working as a Medical Receptionist. Veronica has one brother (Pete) and three sisters – Gabrielle and Joyce live in Holyhead and Rhiannon live in Rantoul in Illinois. Would love to hear from you!
pkhinchliffe@btinternet.com – Ken Hinchliffe attended Holyhead County School ’75-’80. Left to join Royal Navy. He now lives in Surrey.
Pmstro@aol.com – Patrick Strong formerly of Holyhead and now lives in Bolton. He attended Holyhead County School 1962-1969 and then went to Medical School in Cardiff.
prismeu@its.uct.ac.za – Liz Utting (nee Wheway) who lived in Holyhead for over 30 years and is now living in Cape Town Z.A.
pritch@ravenstone.com – Emigrated to the area in 1985 and is low living in California with her son Gareth.
pritch1961@yahoo.com – Sheri Pritchard & son Gareth who once lived in Holyhead are now living in California USA.
R.Morris2@btinternet.com – Delphine Chapple (married to Robert Morris) formerly of Rhosneigr near Holyhead, now living in Sussex. She attended Holyhead County School 1966-67 and wants to say “HI” to everyone who knew them.
rae_hems@hotmail.com – Cheryl Hems formerly of Holyhead now living in Birmingham.
rdbal17962@blueyonder.co.uk – Formerly of Holyhead ,Robert Doutch left in 1991 to join the Army. He now lives in Kent.
richard.lewis@homecall.co.uk– Dick Lewis formerly from Holyhead now living in Newport.
Richardian7@aol.com – David Milburn formerly of Holyhead who now lives in Leicester. His Mother and brother live in Holyhead. He would love to hear from anyone who remembers him or any of the ‘Milburns’
rickettsjames@hotmail.com – James & Janey Ricketts formerly of Holyhead, now living in New Zealand.
rickrand@aol.com – Rhoda Parry (married to Eric Burnand in 1960) formerly of Holyhead, now lives in Llanfairpwll and would love to hear from you.
RMapC@aol.com – Robin Ap Cynan who attended Thomas Ellis school, and Holyhead County School 1970-1975. He now lives in Telford.
rmillican@ihorizons.net – Richard Millican formerly of Holyhead and Cemaes Bay, now living in Ontario Canada
roberts12@comcast.net– Dr. Jean Mary Roberts (nee Davies) originally from Holyhead, now living in Philadelphia, USA Both ladies above are my Mother Lynda Griffiths’s sisters
Roberts571126@aol.com – Steve Roberts formerly of Holyhead now living in Essex and working for the British Airports Authority. Steve lived in Millbank, and attended Thomas Ellis primary school. He went to County School in 1970.
rogcan@bigpond.net.au – William John Hughes Born 18-3-40 Holyhead Anglesey. Son of Kitty Hughes born August 1922. Anyone knowing my mother or myself would be pleased if contacted via E Mail
rpritchard@ukonline.co.uk – Ray Pritchard formerly of Millbank, Holyhead now living in Oxford. He attended County School from 1959-1966.
rschutz0703@msn.com – Ron Schutz former Managing Director of Anglesey Aluminium Metals. He and his wife (Beth) live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. They left Anglesey in the spring of 1991.
rvroberts@waitrose.com – Vernon Roberts formerly of Four Mile Bridge, Holyhead now living in Southampton.
RWHINGE@aol.com – Colin Roberts formerly of Holyhead. Colin is the secretary of the PDA.
s-rw-williams@supanet.com – Steve Williams who started County School in 1971 (Aethwy House), and left for University in 1978. He now lives in Manchester.
s.wolff@fidelityfs.com.au – Susan Wolf (nee Rennie) originally from Holyhead now living in Melbourne, Australia.
sallen@sanderssidney.co.uk – Siân Allen (nee Williams) used to live at Ael-Y-Mor, Llanfawr Road, Holyhead with her father Stewart Williams who still lives in Holyhead. She now lives in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.
sandra@joyce404.fsnet.co.uk – Sandra Joyce (nee Owen) lived in London Road with her parents Rhona & Arthur in Holyhead. She now lives with her husband Steve in Prestatyn.
Paul.Corbett@Honeywell.com – Margaret A. bruce (nee Wright) formerly of Holyhead, now living in Caithness. Margaret is married to a farmer. She attended Park school until 1958 and then County School until 1965, when she went to St. Mary’s College in Bangor, taught for 2 years in Kent and taught fEnglish for 6 years to missionaires from overseas, in London. She worked with a mission to Jews also in London.
Paul.Corbett@Honeywell.com – Peter & Mail Scott Roberts formerly of Holyhead and now living in Llandudno.
SGW.MORRIS@BTINTERNET.COM – Steve Morris, went to Kingsland school 1971-1975 then County School until 1980. Now living in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.
Shelley180371@aol.com – Shelley Stephens (another Lawlor!) now living in Winchester but still miss Holyhead terribly. Still go home to visit family. Love to hear from anybody who remembers me.
sidroden@xtra.co.nz – Sid Roden in New Zealand was a coach for the Holyhead United Junior Football Team. Sid would be very pleased to hear from anyone in Holyhead or any Expats!
sir.fon@actrix.gen.nz – Elwyn Parry – born in Holyhead and lived in Ucheldre Ave. He went to County School before going to the HMS Conway and on to sea, He and his wife Pat and their three children and many grandchildren in New Zealand
sir.fon@xtra.co.nz – Bob Hilyer formerly of Holyhead who now lives in New Zealand
SLight8394@aol.com – Sue Lightfoot (nee McNamara) has been a teacher in Manchester since 1969 which is when she left Holyhead.
slpenfold@yahoo.com – Leah Penfold (nee Lawlor) formerly of Holyhead, now living in Melbourne, Australia.
smidnite@home.com – Sandra Franklin lived in Holyhead between 1982 and 1986 and now lives in Seattle, Washington.
SoNor@btinternet.com – Janette North (nee Price) born in Holyhead, and lived here until 1967. She now lives in Harrogate.
speedylady1957@aol.com – Vanessa Ealand formerly of Holyhead, who now lives in Kent.
spike090martin@lineone.net – Michael Martin (SPIKE), who was the last apprentice carpenter in Marine Yard.
stusmith@stusmith.screaming.net – Stuart Smith born in Holyhead, and who lived in Valley for 18 years, but has since returned to Holyhead.
Sue.Forster@wrexham.gov.uk – Sue Forster attended County School and left in 1973. She would love to hear from you.
sue.williams01@blueyonder.co.uk – Sue Williams – born 1969 in Holyhead lived at Ael-Y-Mor, Llanfawr Road for 3 years with sister Sian, Dad Stewart still lives there in Llanfawr Road, worked at Angelsey Aluminium and served on lifeboat for many years.
ray131262@yahoo.co.uk– Raymond Williams formerly of Porth Y Felin in Holyhead, now living in Cheshire. Raymond has a sister Carol Anne who lives in Holyhead, and attended Thomas Ellis school up to 1969.
susan.golder@btinternet.com – Sue Naylor (nee Golder) formerly of Holyhead – attended County School 1975-1980
Susan.golder@btinternet.com – Sue Naylor (nee Golder) spent a wonderful and memorable 5 years between ’75 – ’80 living at RAF Valley and attended HSC. During these times her sister Louise (nee Golder) attended Caergeiliog Primary school and then one year also at County School. They would love to hear from anyone that remembers them.
taffy1@tpg.com.au – Ken Hemsley formerly of Holyhead now living in Australia.
TAFFY2802@HOTMAIL.COM– Carys Allen formerly of Holyhead left in 1991 to live in Coverntly. Currently studying for a degree in the Unitversity in Birmingham, Would love to hear from anyone who remebers her,
taffygirl46@yahoo.com – Valerie Lawlor originally of Holyhead, now living in Australia.
takingthebiscuit@hotmail.com – Kath Griffiths, originally from Holyhead, now living in Liverpool.
tardif99@shaw.ca– Barbara Jones (now knows as Jess) left Holyhead with her family in 1964 and would love to hear from school pals. She now lives in Vancouver, Canada and loves it over there, but still thinks fondly of “Home”.
tecwyn@ukexpress.fsnet.co.uk – Tecwyn Williams left county school in 1974 he was in Cybi house. Attended Llandrillo collage and then 20years in the forces. Now living on the Wirral.
terrance.walsh@ntlworld.com – Joan Carey (now Walsh) has a brother Patrick (who went to sea as an engineer and now lives in Haverdford West), and a sister Ann (who now lives in Brixham Devon) who lived in maes -y-haf. They all went to park school, and then on to county school. She was married 49years ago to Terry Walsh who was in the R.A.F. they had 3 girls Catherine, Diann & Linda. Friends where Vera Bell ,Mary Owen, Dorthy Valerie Dutch,. Anyone who remembers them please send a e.mail.
TINAHOLLAND@BELLSOUTH.NET – Tina Holland (nee Blackman) born 1975 lived in Holyhead until 1988 now lives in Derby. Her Mother is Yvonne (nee Roberts born 1953) and her sister isTeresa. Her Grandparens from Rhos-Y-Gaer Avenue were Tom & Doris Roberts.
tommydwywaith@yahoo.ca – Tommy Thomas writes: I’m a long time expat from Holyhead, (thereason for my email name). I left Holyhead in 1983 and have ended up in Toronto Canada where I work as a surveyor. My wife Llynos is from Llangefni and still doesn’t know why we love fish, chips and peas water in Holyhead! I’d love to hear from anyone that remembers me from school or the Sea Cadets!
tony.griffiths@granherne.com – Tony Griffiths originally from Holyhead – now living in Perth – Australia.
trefor.owen@bushinternet.com – Trevfor Owen (nicknamed SPENGI) who lived in Valley until 1988. He attended Holyhead County School 1972-1979. Now living in Nottingham.
treforamiriam@msn.com – Trefor Lewis from Llaingoch attended County School 1954 – 1959. He is now married to Miriam Roberts (Stanley St.) who attended County School 1956 – 1962. They now live in Menai Bridge and would love to hear from you if you remember them.
upyoursmrs@onwight.net– Trevor & Kay Jones. Trevor is an ex-boilermaker from the Marine Yard and Kay worked in Anglesey Aluminium for OCS. They left Holyhead in 1988
v-dmass@microsoft.com – Delyth Massey (nee Hughes). Went to county school between 1984-1989. Many people would know her father very well he has lived in Holyhead all his life his name is Tommy “chuck.
melissaellen@tiscali.co.uk– Vicky – born and brought up in Holyhead, one of the daughters of Ann Ellen and Bob Thomas. They lived in Westley Terrace for many years as did her grandparents before them. She has 3 older sisters Pat, Val, and Barbara Thomas. If any one remembers Vicky she would love to hear from you.
Vtx1312@aol.com – Anthony Jenkins lost touch with all his family in Holyhead. He lived with his 3 sisters near South Stack . His fathers name was Thomas Jenkins, and he has a step brother – Gareth Jenkins who i havent met for some 20 years. we lost touch when our father died. Would love anyone who remembers me to get in touch.
walian123@hotmail.co.uk – Haydn used to live on salt island back in the 1970s He attended Parc primary school .and Thomas Ellis school and County school for a few years . He moved to south wales in 1977, and is now married with two grown up sons. He has two brothers – Cliff and Hefin and sister Gill
warthur@clear.net.nz. – Arthur Williams has been living in Wellington, New Zealand since 1964. He used to live in Arthur St in Kingsland. He was an electrical apprentice at the Marine yard from 1955 to 1960 then at Crew Locomotive works. He attended Kingsland Primary , Cybi and County Schools
Wdpratt2000@aol.com – David Pratt attended 1960 – 1963, and lived in Maes Y Dref. He worked in Chadwicks newsagent in Thomas St before starting a motor mechanics job at Lands End Garage. He also worked in Well Factory before leaving with a cabaret group called Freedom to live in Manchester.
weareall1@ntlworld.com – Peri Hepburn (nee Hughes) in Lincoln and formerly of Holyhead. Daughter of the late “Mr Hughes – the gas”. Peri attended Le Bon Saveur Convent.
wendydarling61@hotmail.com – Wendy (nee Bell) formerly of Holyhead, now in Australia. Also her sister Jan – breya1@ntlworld.com who lives in Oxfordshire.
west53@blueyonder.co.uk – Judith West (nee Revell) formerly of Vulcan St., went to Cybi and County schools between 1954-1962, now living in Essex.
Whetnall@hotmail.com – Anne (nee Davies) & Brian Whetnall from Holyhead, now living in Australia.
whitexp@thewhitsundayexperience.com – Helen Atkins ( nee Hughes) writes: . My dear father was Jack “Bryngwyn” or Jack RR. He was well known in Holyhead. He took over the coal business from his dad and then went into Haulage contracting. My Mum Betty, still lives in Holyhead, along with my eldest sister Jane (Ferrier), and my brothers -Ed (Trintiy Marine) and Raymond (Victoria Garage). My twin sister (Lynda) is married and living in Belgium. I live in a beautiful part of Australia’s northern tropics – the Whitsundays. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me – I’m always on-line!
wildwyfraich@mail.com – Wiliam Robaerts was raised in Bolsach and laterlived in Holborn Road. He worked on the boats as an engineer and was a union rep at the port in the mid-sixties – then moved to the USA in 1973 and worked on the New York / New Jersey ferries. He currently runs his own charter vessel company
wren123191@hotmail.com – Steve and Hazel Kinroy – Ex-Coastguard station Holyhead. Now living in Bridlington East Yorkshire. They have 3 children Kirsty (now Wiseman – and living in Larkhill, Wiltshire with hubby and daughter Amy) Rebecca and Leigh still both serving in the RAF.
wynroberts66@yahoo.co.uk – Wyn Roberts who attended Kingsland primary school in Holyhead and later Bodedern Secondary School. He worked on the Trawlers at Holyhead and moved to Canada in 1988 where he now works as a truck driver. His sister lives in London. His local was the Seacroft Hotel.
WYNRUTH@aol.com – Hefin Davies, born in London Road, an later lived in “Moranedd” Porthdafarch Road. Son of Betty and Goronwy Davies. Now lives in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Also his brother Eryl JAynsley@aol.com
yji39@dial.pipex.com – Margaret Cooper (nee Griffiths) originally of Holyhead, now living in Cheslyhay, Staffs.
ynysmon2003@yahoo.co.uk – Karen Gillor (nee Whetnall) of Plymouth, formerly of Holyhead.
Yoz17f@btinternet.com – Gwilym Hughes went to Holyhead County School from 1960-1967 and still remembers the words of “Draw dros greigiau Eryri yng nghanol y lli” – the school song! He now lives on the Wirral and would love to hear from another children of the 1960’s.
 foxyladie8@yahoo.co.uk Hi my name is susan platt nee williams I was born in
holyhead and went to county school from 64 untill 69 moved to the isle of wight
when I was 17 and have now retired in spain in benitachell costa blanca would
love to hear from anyone who remembers me