MORLO – Gwelfor Centre

The Morawelon and London Road Regeneration Partnership was formally established in October 2001 as a company limited by guarantee and the following are current members of the committee:- Joint chairmen: Councillor Arwel Roberts and Councillor Keith Thomas Company secretary: Mrs Veronica Huband Treasurer: Mrs Mair Wynn They have obtained funding from the Communities First Programme for preparatory activities and have employed 2 Co-ordinators, a Community Development Worker and a Trainee Project Worker. Co-ordinators: Mrs Veronica Huband Ms. Susan Condra Community Development Worker: Miss Audrey McMullan Trainee Project Worker: Miss Nia Backhouse
The Communities First programme is different because it has a “bottoms up” approach which means the people who live in the communities decide what they want to see happening THAT MEANS YOU! So please help by taking the time to fill in any questionnaires that you receive and supporting local events.If you would like more information about the partnership, the Communities First programme or the Trust Fund please get in touch.>The Partnership meets monthly at the Gwelfor Community Centre and their main objectives are: – To continue to publicise the partnership and encourage participation from all the areas of the ward. To include people of all ages, the young through to the elderly, and help them to identify their needs and create a safe environment in which to live and play. To continue to work with the community to develop local projects. To consult with local people to develop a 10-year plan for the community – the Communities First Action Plan. Morlo audits are now being handed out to residents of Morawelon and London Road. As part of Communities First, we have to produce audits for the community and collect over 400 completed audits. This is so we can see the opinion of the residents about the area they live in and of changes they would like to see in their area. So if you live in the Morawelon and London Road area and would like to have a say in your community or like to see changes please get in contact for your copy of our community audits call 763559. For every completed audit you receive a raffle ticket with a chance of winning many cash prizes. CURRENT PROJECT Purchase of the Tile Centre on London Road to develop into a community facility Continuous consultation with the local people to identify what they want to see happeningWorking with Keep Wales Tidy, BTCV and CDS to develop a short-term and long-term environmental strategy for the community History and Heritage groupGwelfor Luncheon ClubTrying to get a multi-play area and skate park at Beibio playing fields Trying to get over 400 completed Morlo audits from the community The Communities First Trust Fund has been publicised locally and in the press but many more groups could benefit. The Trust Fund is open to any voluntary or non-profit making group established in the wards or outside the wards if their activities benefit the community and the people of Morawelon and London Road. Up to April 2004, a total of £60,000 was awarded to groups in the Morawelon and London Road Area. If you are a member of a group or voluntary organization, ACT NOW! Contact MORLO Co-ordinators on (01407) 763559 Groups who have been successful from the Trust Fund: – Eastside Residents and Tenants Association Beibio Bowling Club Red Dragon Boxing Club Gwelfor Senior Citizens Gwelfor Athletic Football Club Gwelfor Majorettes Morawelon Church (St. David’s) Anglesey Drama Festival Gwelfor Luncheon Club Communities First Trust Fund MORLO Breakfast and After School Kids Club The club is now fully registered with the Care Standards Inspectorate, enabling the club to now open as a Breakfast Club as well as an ” After School Club”. The new early morning session will operate from 7.30am and offer your child a healthy breakfast during the new morning session. Emphasis is put on the play and social interaction; we have fully qualified staff that work together to provide a balanced atmosphere. Play leader Ann Lewis and assistant Carla Owen are always available to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact them if you wish to arrange a visit – phone 01407 763559