Holyhead Trawlers

My name is Rhys and I have a big interest in the local trawlers here in Holyhead. These are photos I have taken whilst I have been working at sea over the past year. I have donated these photos to old.holyhead.com, as they are yet another piece of Holyhead’s wealth of Maritime history. Although now the fishing community locally has reduced in its numbers the sense of community is still as strong as ever! I hope you like them more will be added soon this is just the start

Holyhead port is the most important fishing port in North Wales. Record annual fish landings worth circa £3M are made there. The Anglesey County Council operates the Fish Dock at Holyhead. An Anglesey & North Wales Fishermen’s Association has been created, and have been able to employ staff based at the Holyhead Town Hall with thanks to EU and Welsh Assembly funding. They have run a number of fisheries development projects like the provision of marine safety equipment and the improvement of facilities at Bol Sach, but the future of this initiative is subject to new EU funding arrangements.