Post Office Staff

Telephone Operator Lynda Griffiths (nee Davies)In past years being part of the Post Office Staff in Holyhead meant that you were a part of a very very big company, which included Telephone Operators, Postmen/women, Post Office counter staff, Telegram Boys and so on. Many thanks to Frank Broughton and Lynda Griffiths (nee Davies) for many of the photos in this section. Did you or someone you know work for the Post Office in Holyhead? Do you have any photos or stories about that time that you would like to share?
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Post Office Staff at Holyhead in 1946
Back Row: J. P.Owen, F. Broughton, O. Pritchard,
T. Griffiths, Cyril Thomas, R. H. Moors and R. J. Ellis
Front Row: G. Jones, J. H. Pierce, M. Jones, W.O. Parry,
J. Haggart, M. White and F. Peers.
In 2001 R. J. Ellis and F. Broughton are the only survivors.

Holyhead Post Office Staff,  including Telephone Operators.

Post Office Staff 1976
Back Row: W. Owen, G. Weir, P. Parkinson, J. Roach, R. T. Hughes, B. Watkins, T. Jones, T. Jones, V. Jones, D. Owen, D. Ballyn, C. Williams, F. Broughton, G. Williams, D. Lewis, A.Thomas, A. Mills, __?__ Jones, R. Trowell.
Front Row Sitting: E. Jones, A. Weir, J. Roberts, D. Brown, M. Evans (PMR), M. B. Jones, R. Roberts, S. Thomas, E. Hughes, E. Jones.


Glyn Jones, Mary McDonald
& F. Broughton
(now Blackburn) & F. Broughton
Telegram Boys 1947 G. Jones (Cae Ty Fychan)
Telegram Boys
Trefor Watkinson & F. Broughton
R. T. Roberts (Overseer)
& Frank Broughton
Tecwyn Jones, Cyril Thomas, Meredith Jones.
F. Broughton, R. T. Roberts
Telegram boys
Billy Evans, Trefor Watkinson, & Frank Broughton
Holyhead Telephone Exchange
Telephone Operators
Dorothy, Miss Martin, Lynda Griffiths, Mona Jones, Anne Meade