Football greats come to Holyhead

Four football heroes have paid a visit to the Ucheldre Centre at Holyhead! They were: -JOHN CHARLES The Leeds and Juventus hero who played in the 1958 World Cup game against Brazil. IAN RUSH The famous former Liverpool team player who also played for the Wales football team.JOEY JONES A former Liverpool team player who also played for Wales. He is now a coach for the Wrexham football team. MICKEY THOMAS A 44-year-old Manchester United, Wrexham and Amlwch team player, who still enjoyed playing football today. An enthusiastic audience of over 170 people participated in a question and answer session, during which Ian Rush told them of the goal that really stood out for him – which was the one that he scored in the 1992 FA Cup against Sunderland because it increased his team score to a winning 2 – 0. John Charles told the audience that he does not regret not playing in today’s Premier League and that he was very happy with his career. Many aspects of the game were discussed with the audience including the Welsh International, famous goals, and Glen Hoddle ( the former England team Manager) and his premature departure. It was a very successful and special evening for everyone attending which closed with endless photographs being taken, and autographs signed.