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The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein.

Intuition is a gift to the human race, a light in the darkness, a helping hand. A professional intuitive consultant will never claim to have a special gift, and will never imply that there is only one pathway ahead for you; he or she will state clearly that the quality and nature of your life ahead will be dependent upon your own beliefs, perceptions and actions. Even in the worst case scenario you will at least be left with the power to choose how you respond to the situation over which you had no control.

A professional intuitive consultation is an investment in your own future. I only work with those who are genuinely committed to their own progression, and who engage in the process. I have 17 years' experience as a full time 'reader', and have worked with people in 20 different countries, courtesey of technology. The customer pays for my time, skill and energy, not the consultation. Not all will be understood immediately, of course, and time will need to be allowed to pass, with ongoing consideration given to the guidance, advice and predictions contained within the consultation.

I cannot teach anyone anything - I can only make them think.

Although I have an excellent track record for accurate long term prediction, you will still have the power of choice. Often predictions come with conditions attached, and if those conditions are not honoured then the prediction cannot manifest. A customer was told that if she was willing to let the past go, if she worked on healing her bitterness and accepted that she had played her own role in the break - up of her marriage, then she and her husband would be able to make a fresh start together. A year later she complained to me, saying that they had not worked things out. I asked if she was still bitter and still blaming him, and she said that yes, she was. Obviously she was free to remain bitter and angry, but if it was a genuine reconciliation she desired, then she would need to take the appropriate actions, otherwise nothing would change. The last I heard from her, she was stuck between the past and the future, wanting to keep hold of both at the same time. I couldn't help her, I could only outline the potentials and the pitfalls, the different 'futures' that were available to her, dependent upon her thoughts and actions.

Action without vision is only passing time. Vision without action is merely day dreaming. But vision with action can change the world. 
Nelson Mandela.

There are things we do not need to know, if we are living healthily and engaging in the experience of our life. We do not need to know the date and time we will meet the person we will marry, their name, family background and financial status. We can learn that we will indeed meet a person with whom we can develop a mature, balanced relationship that has potential for growth, as long as we are willing to play our own part in it. We can learn about career, health and general life, and we can receive insight, a sneak preview of certain future I said earlier, a decent intuitive consultation is an investment in the future, and can be hugely productive and beneficial, OVER TIME. I record all of my consultations so that the customer has a copy for ongoing consideration.


Face to face consultation(client comes to me, I do not travel out or take group bookings) approximately one hour: £35.

Internet consultations:
One specific question spoken and recorded, sent as an audio file, via email: £15.

One specific question Typed response: £20.

Three specific questions spoken and recorded, sent as an audio file, via email: £35.

Three specific questions Typed response: £45.

I will respond as comprehensively as I am able to and as in depth as possible. I ask for the clients first name and age, plus the same for anyone to be included in the consultation, along with the specific questions.

Love what is he/she really thinking and feeling? Spoken and recorded, sent as a audio file, via email: £30.

Love what is he/she really thinking and feeling? Typed response:£40.
I ask for the first name and age of the client, plus the same for anyone to be included in the consultation. I also ask for the current relationship, as in partner, ex or love interest.

General consultation, giving an overview, insights and predictions. To get the most out of this, any relevant info can be supplied by the customer, as in key concerns, hopes etc spoken and recorded, sent as an audio file, via email: £45. Not available in typed form.

I ask for the client's first name and age, and anyone to be included in the consultation, as in partner, children etc.

Telephone consultation(client calls my landline) approximately one hour: £35.

Internet and telephone consultations are paid for through Paypal. For customers in the UK payment can also be accepted through online banking.

Payment for internet/phone readings can be made through Paypal, using the email address
I can send an invoice first, if that makes it easier.

I aim to respond with the reading within 4 days, but if I have a lot of business in, it can take up to a week.
I will inform you if this is the case. I do not issue computer generated, copied/pasted or vague, generalised readings. I do not just say nice, soothing things, or trot out spiritual platitudes, as I have the customer's best interests at heart, plus a large degree of professional pride!
Any questions/enquiries, please get in touch!

I have been in business for 17 years, and have conducted over 28,000 consultations. I work with people all over the world, thanks to technology, and I have many, many repeat customers; much of my business is word of mouth. But one can never be complacent! Sometimes it is clear to me that certain customers should be consulting a counsellor, rather than an intuitive consultant, and others are only open to hearing what they want to hear. I cannot help those people, for obvious reasons. However, most customers can definitely benefit from the service I offer, over time. A genuine intuitive consultation is an investment in the future .if it is revisited periodically, of course (I always record the readings and send a copy to the customer as an audio file, via email)! I do encourage the customer to engage in the consultation, to get as much as possible out of the experience, as it is his/her life we are scrutinising and it would be a shame to unnecessarily waste time, energy and money! 


I want to thank you you helped a lot you made me feel strong and positive thanks you.
(Carol, one to one consultation).

Hi Leanne,

Thank you very much for your consult. I opened it with a great deal of anxiety however I appreciate it greatly and am ready
and open to take on all your advice. I don't need to tell you you hit the nail on the head on so many things for me, you know
you're right! Thank you for helping me.

Thank you kindly for your honesty and frankness. I am sure you have helped many people over the years to better themselves
and lead happier, more fulfilled lives.

I wish you all the best also.

Bev (spoken email consultation).

Thanks Leanne.
You always put so much into your readings and that's what makes them so good. I also get what you are saying and often it is something I already know in myself but just need to be told it I suppose.
I have revisited some old readings you have given me lately and it is amazing how many predictions have come about.
Thanks again

Tina (typed email consultation)

Thank you leanne, I dont look to you as a fortune teller and never have, you are much much more than that. You have help me see things clearer and you are right about my situation. Blessings
Diane (spoken email consultation)

Dear Leanne,many, many thanks for your written reading and it's certainly given me much to think about!
Robert (typed email consultation)

Hi Leanne,

I wanted to send you a note to let you know that, again, you got it right with the reading you gave me a little over a year ago. You know, it's funny because there is something about your voice that is so familiar and comforting to me not sure why, but I've felt that way since the first reading you did for me over a decade ago.

I remembered you saying something in the last reading you did for us, that just came to pass. So I just listened to it again and you did indeed predict that and other things that you said have come to pass. You are so very talented!

I think of you and hope that all is well with you!
Sylvia (spoken email consultation).