Section Manager - Parting Words


Thank you to Mike Thomas - Section 4 A55 Road Manager for sending me his parting words

It only seems like yesterday that we arrived on site, it was a wet February morning, myself and my senior engineer walked the length of the section and tried to visualise what went were and how we were going to build it.

2 years down the line the road is finished and one of the best team of workers and staff that I have ever worked with is slowly breaking up and departing for ventures anew.
With a little sadness I leave today. I leave behind a fantastic road that I will always be proud to say I was involved with.

I Would like to thank local people, especially those in Holyhead, for their understanding and support over the last 2 years and hope they will enjoy using the new road as much as I have enjoyed building it.

Mike Thomas
Section 4 Manager, Holyhead